Self-help is for everyone!

Do you recognize the feeling that you are all on your own? Or that no one understands you? Maybe you think that you are the only one with a certain problem or experience. Then you need to know that you are not alone. It can help to talk about this with people who have gone through the same.

Talk with someone else

Stichting Zelfhulp Netwerk Zuidoost-Brabant (the Self-help Network Southeast Brabant Foundation) brings people together. Because the people who have the same experience will often have a better understanding of your struggle than the ones who don’t. By talking about your experiences you will not only know that you are not the only one but you are also able to talk about the available options and learn how to become stronger as a person.

How it works

On this website you will find an overview of all the groups that are available, so you can be sure to be in a group with your peers. You can call the Zelfhulp Netwerk or send them an email with questions or let them know that you are looking to get connected to a group. We will share your contact details with the coordinator and he or she will then contact you in return. We do not store your data, so you will stay anonymous within our organization. Together with the contact person of the group you come to an agreement when you want to join for the first time and you will have the possibility to ask all the questions you may have about the group.

Participating in a group is anonymous and free of charge. In the groups, the participants themselves determine the content of the sessions. They have the responsibility as each self-help group is autonomous.

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