recovery from addiction

Recovery from addiction

Important: All self-help groups are in Dutch, unless stated otherwise.

Groups for people with an alcohol-related addiction.

Groups for people with a drugs-related addiction.

Eating disorder
Groups for people with an addiction related to an eating disorder

A.G.O.G. (Foundation of anonymous gamblers and those around gamblers)  Eindhoven and surroundings.
For gambling addicts and for anyone who has a relation with a gambler (partner, parents and other family members) in Eindhoven and its surroundings.

C.G.A.A. (compulsive gaming addicts anonymous)
For gambling addicts who want to work on their recovery

Norwoodgroup (relationship addiction group for women)
For women who depend too much emotionally on others; who invest too much in love.

Parents of children with an addiction (Helmond and Bakel)
For parents with an addicted child.

S.L.A.A.(Sex and/or love addicts)
For people who desire to break with a sexual behavioral pattern and/or are addicted to love in which relations or sexual activities have become increasingly destructive, affecting their careers, family life and self-esteem.

Support Work
Monitoring the recovery process from an addiction/dual diagnosis