physical health

Physical health

Important: In all support groups Dutch is spoken.
In the past few years more and more people have initiated and started English spoken groups. Unfortunately there are no English spoken groups on the subject of Physical health. Feel free to get in contact with the Support Network Foundation if you are in need for a support group or if you want to start a support group.

Chronic Pain 
For persons suffering from chronic pain.

There are three groups:
One group for people who have to cope with the consequences of having COVID (Post-COVID);
another group for people who still are suffering from COVID (long-COVID);
a group for young people.

Hoormij, Stichting N.V.V.S (Hear me, Dutch Foundation for the hearing impaired)
For the hearing impaired, people suffering from hearing loss, their partners with normal hearing and interested individuals.

Open houses for people with cancer and their relatives
– Inloophuis De Cirkel, for people with cancer and their relatives, Helmond and surroundings
– Inloophuis De Eik, for people with cancer and their relatives, Eindhoven and surroundings

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
For people suffering from MS, their partners and/or their direct family

NAH (ABI Acquired brain impairment)
Multiple groups for people with Acquired Brain Impairment:
– NAH Eindhoven
– NAH Son en Breugel
– NAH Trefpunt Best
– NAH Veldhoven
– NAH Young, for young adults (18-35 years of age)
– CVA/NAH Café
– Gezond verstand (Healthy mind) – Cooking club ABI

Parkinson – NAH – MS 
– Support Group using Badminton for people suffering from Parkinson, NAH and MS. Gatherings are in Best.
– Support Group using gymnastics (Gymclub) for people suffering from Parkinson. The sessions are held in Best.