other cultural specific

Other & cultural specific

Important: All self-help groups are in Dutch, unless stated otherwise.

De Kringen – The Circles
For homo- bi and trans-sexual women and men.

Hoog Sensitiviteit (HSP) – Highly Sensivite Persons
For people who are highly sensitive and to whom our busy society is causing hindrance.

Caregivers of people with psychiatric disorders
For caregivers of people with psychiatric disorders.

Bereaved after suicide, group for dealing with the loss
For anyone who lost a next of kin through suicide

Parental rejection
For parents who deal with rejection

Orpheus, marriage and homo/bi-sexuality
People who are dealing with homo- or bi-sexuality within their heterosexual relationship.

Mourning (Geldrop)
For people who have lost a loved one.

Persian Eindhoven
For women from an Iranian background

Stichting Down’s syndroom – Foundation for Down Syndrome
For parents and next of kin of children with Down Syndrome.

Stichting Somalische Gemeenschap Eindhoven – Foundation of the Somali Community Eindhoven
For Somalis, male and female, living in Eindhoven.

Transgendergroup Adults ( TG 040 )
For anyone involved in transgenderness (transgender is an umbrella term for drag, transsexuality, etc.).

YUNGE (Young United Genders)
For youngsters involved in transgenderness up to 25 years of age